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Better Information Yields Stronger Decisions

AgWizard provides more accurate, real-time data, tools to create a marketing plan, and a roadmap to help you become more profitable.

Easy-to-use Tools to Help You Farm for the Future

AgWizard gives you the tools you need to create a robust marketing plan and gathers your farm’s data in an easy-to-use platform with reporting that lets you make decisions in real time. We’re not just a financial software; AgWizard also gives you access to your own advisor to guide you through what-if scenarios in your business, and high-powered tools to develop your marketing plan or outsource your monthly bookkeeping to a professional. Choose the level that works best for your unique needs and see why partnering with AgWizard on your business is the best thing you’ll do all year.

Take Your Ag Operation to the Next Level

Wherever you are in your financial journey, AgWizard’s suite of tools and our team of advisors are here to help you elevate your financial IQ. With high-powered reporting and real-time data from that day’s business, you can get a clearer picture of your breakeven point, cash flow, and profitability and use those metrics to make more informed decisions. You don’t have to do everything alone—AgWizard comes with a dedicated, trusted advisor to give you one-on-one advice tailored to your unique business needs. You can use the software to enhance your reporting, and let your advisor help you run through what-if scenarios and provide expert insight to give you more confidence in what to do next to impact your bottom line.

High-Powered Reporting & Planning Tools

Whether you want help creating a marketing plan or would like to outsource your monthly bookkeeping to a professional, our comprehensive financial analysis tools give you the ability to easily plan, strategize, and grow your business.

Strategic Grain Marketing Plans
Advanced Reporting With Real-Time Data
Dedicated Advisors To Assist With What-If Scenarios
Profitwatch Alerts To Let You Know When To Sell Grain To Meet Your Goals
Create A Balance Sheet To Stay On Track
Outsource Your Bookkeeping To A Professional

Put AgWizard to Work For Your Clients

Whether you’re an ag lender, accountant, or crop insurance agent, AgWizard can help separate your business from the competition by helping your clients make sense of their data and make stronger business decisions.

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